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Mediation is a form of dispute resolution and can help you to find solutions to general issues faced by separating couples or families in dispute. Mediation can also be useful in dealing with specific issues such as arrangements for the care of children or specific short or long term financial issues.

Mediation works because it helps you make informed decisions that are right for your circumstances, your future and the future of your family. It provides somewhere to talk calmly and privately and can provide a cost effective solution. The process helps children by helping their parents to work together to plan for their future.

The Team - Helen, Sarah

Helen KirkhamSarah Horseman

Helen Kirkham  | Sarah Horseman

As well as being experienced family lawyers Helen Kirkham and Sarah Horseman also are trained to help resolve disputes over all family or relationship related issues. Sarah has completed her mediation training and been approved by Resolution and Helen is accredited by The Law Society and holds the Mediation Quality Mark for her mediation practise.

Helen is also qualified to include children in the mediation process where such inclusion is appropriate. Direct Child Consultation is an opportunity to gather together information relating to the wishes and feelings of any children of the family. This information gathering exercise then informs parental decision making during the mediation process. Whilst children are not burdened with the pressure of making any decisions on behalf of the family, Direct Child Consultation can provide children with a voice and allow them to express any worries, concerns or views that they might have so that parents can take such feelings into consideration. Helen can provide information to parents who consider that this process might be of benefit to their family.

You will each be invited to an initial assessment meeting where you can meet independently with Helen or Sarah to discuss the mediation process and identify those issues that you can’t agree on. If the mediator and you all agree that the issues are appropriate for mediation you will then both be invited to attend a course of mediation sessions.

Once you have proposals you both find acceptable the mediator will prepare a summary of them together with a summary of the financial information which will be sent to each of you to discuss with your lawyers if lawyers are instructed. After you have both received legal advice and if you are both still happy with the proposals, the lawyers will convert the summary into a legally binding document and oversee any necessary implementation.

Mediation is a voluntary process and neither of you will be compelled to participate but hopefully by participating in mediation you will be able to work together to reach agreements that work well for you and your family..

To find out more and to arrange an initial meeting please contact us by Email or complete The Individual Enquiry Form here, or if you are a Solicitor with an enquiry please complete the form here.

Please note - Foort Tayler may be able to offer legal aid for mediation through their franchise with the Legal Aid Agency - please ask us for information or you can go online to check your eligibility

You can view our Mediation Terms of Business here.

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